Clothesline: hot wheel zip line

My four year old recently has become interested in zip lines and ski lifts. He has always loved pulleys and catapults and unilevers and well anything mechanical.

Which has been interesting bc I know NOTHING about that stuff. I fail to understand the basic laws of physics. I never did well in grammar school science where you’d have to build or utilize even the most basic machines. So we have been re-learning together.

I focus a bit more on the biology. I talk about how the plants grow and why which plants are useful for which project (like using weeping willow branches to make garden fences) as we gather the materials.

Then I beg his dad to help us understand the actual mechanics of it all . Of course, things are way easy with YouTube at our fingertips!

Anyways, I’ve really been enjoying this natural way of learning that I’m blessed to do right alongside my kids as they are home with me helping me take care of our daily routine.

Today we’ve been utilizing the bright sun to make balcony forts & sun “bleach” the white sheets. He quickly began to pretend the string was a cable for his cars.

Do you remember learning and playing at home? I’d love to read listen see some of your memories or blogs, share um! Also wondering if you plan on unschooling or homeschooling your kids?


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Scrap: Part II

Food is a big deal in my house. It’s a big deal in my head, too. It’s kinda the one thing I need that I can control a bit and other times am completely at the will of nature and big ag.

So, inorder to use as much of what I do have, that’s liked by the kids & being eaten, I try to take scraps from meals to make a new meal. It saves some money . Mostly tho, it makes me feel like I am not wasting something so precious as real organic food.

My little disclaimer: don’t get yourself sick with eating old food. Mkay!

Vegetable scraps – vegetable stock . save up the vegetable peels & greens all in a bowl during day, put them in a pot of water at night while your cooking dinner & simmer. I use it to make soups Or even a type of gravy for potatoes.
(add chicken bones or carcass next day from chicken dinner & make chicken noodle soup or chicken & dumplings).

soured milk- bakery I learned this from a cool girl who came from a large family. Her mom used o have all the kids dump their old milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl (cereal included) into a container & stored it in the fridge. By the weekend, you’ve got enough milk & cereal for some yummy muffins!

Only person in our house who drinks milk and caffeine is our husband & guests. Just soured half & half for coffee is good for biscuits & gravy. The coffee makes a nice liquid for a gravy.
(fair trade coffee that is safe for birds/shade grown is out there, make sure you buy the good stuff).

(We use hemp, coconut, almond & rice milk for our vegan baking. Sometimes I make my own).

note, there is a difference between soured & spoiled milk.

leftover oatmeal- um more leftover oatmeals
I always give the kids their oatmeal in little rankings bc I can never tell how much they’ll eat. I put the leftovers in the fridge & instead of soaking oats over night I’ve got a Pre-made oatmeal for morning. Just put it in a pot w some water add some
More dried fruits like figs & apricots & apples & warm. Then add male syrup, black strap molasses or milk (rice hemp coconut kefir) & top w crushed nuts or seeds. It’s seriously quicker than McDs drive thru.

And if u buy the ingredients from local cool farmers your helping good people, not a corporation.

U can also stuff it all into a pan & make it in the morning w some yummy brown sugar crumble in top.

bruised & squishy veggies to smoothies blend w some juice. Tah dum! I also use the leftover spinach from dinner to make our green smoothies.

bottom of the bag treats
Rice cereal- good for a nut sub in baking.
Chex- duh GF trail mix. That’s also what I do w the end of all the dried fruit & seed bags. I use carob chips & cacao nibs in place of chocolate chips so it stays allergen-freeish. Also buy organic fair trade whenever u can. I believe, Good guide has a nice primer on chocolate.

So many awesome ideas out there on how now to waste a drop in your house. We aren’t quite zero-waste, ok not even close to being zero waste or frugal but baby steps, right?

These are just a few of the little things I do to make the most out of our pantry. Cant wait to hear more ideas!


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Sour Apple Greens Smoothie


We love green smoothies here. It’s a great way to get over the slumps. It also is wonderful for adding more of those greens that you need to thrive. Thank you to all my healthy friends who turned us on to green smoothies!

Now that we are working hard to avoid our most blatant food allergies & sensitivities we’ve been tryin to repair our guys with probiotics, kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, & kimchi. (I’ll have to come back & spell check those! Lol). Cabbage is in season and we’ve started making our own. Ita been a steep learning curve for me. So I went to the health food store & kept asking if they have pareve (dairy-free) kefir. It seems m Whole Foods is either always out of stock or not there. Plus I’m trying to wean if of the convenience of Whole Foods, so expensive and mine hardly stocks food thats local anymore. We finally found some at Fruitful Yield

When we go out with my husband, without fail he wants to eat at fast food. We’ve learned we can pick a couple of items where I can get the least processed & least allergen filled.

Unfortunately, we made the mistake of making juice boxes & juice a treat when we are out. We often buy a bottle of apple juice & it lasts for days in our fridge after the day out.

So I decided to make an apple smoothie. I’m not a fan of sour but I’ve noticed my son enjoys it. He was the kid who’d suck on the lemon you got in your water at restaurants. Ok, enough of my rambling.

This isn’t really a recipe because I literally just splash amounts into the margarita maker & follow it’s suggestions for frozen & liquid ratio and mix.

Sour apple green smoothie:

1 leftover apple juice box

Approximately/ Maybe a cup of So Delicious Coconut Kefir

4oz of Spinach & dark greens
(I also use dandelions because up by where my husband works they are smart and have restrictions on spraying lawns. So yay! I can eat Monsanto-free dandelions for free!)

4 tablespoons of Coconut Oil
(it’s a solid at room temperature so if u can warm it up in a littlw dish in your hands it’ll be a liquid in no time). Alternatively, u can warm the frozen spinach & Coconut oil in a little pan. Don’t cook out the good stuff though. Remove as soon as it turns bright green).

2tsps or to taste of Apple Cider Vinegar

Optional topping: rice whip & caramel

I don’t have a fancy juicer or blender but my margarita maker does great. Make sure you are using something that is made to smooth ice.

Place the frozen spinach & warmed oil into the bottom of the blender.

COVER & blend away.

I add a little of the liquid & wait til there r no visible green bits. My son gets creeped out if it’s leafy.

Add the liquids. Kefir, cider, apple juice.



I added more apple juice to a margarita glass then topped w the smoothie for my son (about half juice half smoothie). Use a reusable thick straw, stir.

As you can see, it also makes a great non-alcoholic beverage for your pregnant mommas.


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Preview: S’more Ice Cream Cone

I haven’t seen this anywhere, it is an Anderzoid Original Recipe. Wonder if there are other’s who have…

Vegan Ice Cream Dessert

S'more Ice Cream Cone

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Rinse Cycle

Forgetting your clothes on the line means a free second rinse.

Protect Power

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It’s getting hot in here…

… So take off all your clothes.

Except if its summertime, you do want to keep your clothes on. You’ve probably heard the standard

“wear lite clothes and drink plenty of fluids”

about a bazillion times by now this summer. I mean it is hotter than hell out at night. (I like hyperboles).

That’s all fine & dandy for daytime but what the blazes do you do for nightine during the summer when its just as hot & you don’t have to protect yourself from the sun?

I have a couple of go-to’s for nightime without air-conditioning. I have lived through two “abnormally warm” summers & falls being pregnant in a condo. This place is notorious for having frequent (often daily) power outages & brownouts. Thus no AC & no electric fans. We also only have windows on the east side of the house, so there is no cross breeze available.

1- Get it cool, keep it cool.
If its cooler outside – open your windows. DUH. Plus airing out your house is healthy will get rid of air polkutnats. You’ll breathe better.

You can buy stick on sun deflectors for your windows or black out shades. If you are like me, you can also use a flannel sheet & two nails to pin up over the windows. on the inside of your pretty shades so your neighbors dont get mad they have a hillbilly living next door, lol. Or take um down when the sun hits overhead when neighbors are coming home from work.

If its hotter outside try findin other forms of air circulation or make one room the cool down room- like the bedroom.

2- Get wet.
We are known for blowing up the baby pool for a pool party in winter in the kitchen. When its summer wr keep it on our gated balcony so its in the shade for a cool off suring the day.

When night hits the concept remains. We have spray bottles of water for our own misting machine.

Take light cotton night gowns & get them damp w water. Hang them up to dry a bit more as you finish your nightime routine. You dont want them to get your bed wet. We put down a mattress cover or wool blanket under our sheets so we dont ruin the exoensive mattress.

Wear silk PJs. If you dont have silk, have you tried bamboo? Hmmm so silky & breathable. & possibly sexy? πŸ˜‰

Keep water nearby and drink it. Coconut milk/juice is really hydrating. We recently shared our first Young Thai Coconut as a family. It was soo refreshing. The kids loved wackin it open. They make a perfect circle opening & lid so u can stick a straw & umbrella in to enjoy without wasting a glass.

Take a shower or bath. If you are pregnant, a bath will help relieve swelling & high blood pressure. The only place I could fall asleep was the bath some nights (i wouldnt reccomend it wo a life guard!).

When it finally cools down- open up those windows again or get yourself some mosquito netting & camp out on the balcony. Sometime we just put our sleeping bags right up to the screen door. There is nothing better than when the night air finally produces a cool breeze after a hot day.

β€’If you have electricity its way easierβ€’

1- make use of fans & natural air circulation. Keep your ceiling fan going- if you dont have one, id suggest that as your overhead light/fan fixture in each room. Forget HGTV & their ceiling-fan prejudices. It looks good if it looks smart. All you my house is a museum peeps are wasting energy & resources on form over function. Get hip & put that $ you wasted on cool lights on green solutions.

2- freeze everything.

Remember when you’d fall asleep at sleepovers as a kid and you wake up to find out your underwear were in a block of ice in the freezer? Same concept with less pillow fights and no truth or dare.

Freeze your sheets! Freeze your PJs! I have so done this & there was nothing more refreshing than getting into bed (once again w a mattress cover underneath- this time id chokse a rubber one w wool blanket on top the he final layer of frozen sheet) and giggling at how chilly you feel. It may keep you cool enough to fall askeep. Add a fan at the end of bed & a bowl of ice cubed water in front of it & you will have perfected my pregnant momma AC. *Dont be dumb & put the water too close to the fan. Avoid electrocution- that’ll make you fry & thats the opposite of our goal. *

Other randomn things I learned to freeze- socks full of rice. We use it for boo boos. Also for between our knees & thighs while pregnant. Hey- your vagina would hurt too if someone was trying to punch its way out. (like i said, hyperboles). (also medically innacuarate but u get the idea) lol

Freeze your breastmilk for some refreshing treats for the little ones. Also for the big kids- breastmilk has lots of benefits and no matter how old you are they still remain beneficial. Plus- breastmilk is a “clear liquid” so it totally beats driving to the store for pedialyte pops if they get sick.

Anywho, kids are finally cooled off enough to have fallen asleep. Here is hoping there is a cool breeze & some rain coming through so I can ooen the windows & cool it down more. Dont forget to check your neighbors.

Sleep tight hotties. Be cool.

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Brainstorming the “How’d they do that?’

I have an ongoing list of things I want to learn about. Currently my list involves lots of eastern medicine questions, homesteading how tos, and natural parenting. Wondering what y’all wonder about?

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