Taking all things foreign &/or excellent to incorporate them into the home environment.

The whole green movement was in full swing as I became a mom. It truly spun my world into a swirl of grey. I love it. No more black and white. Spectrums, sunshine, rainbows, and narwals FTW!

Ancient cultures & modern society have so many uncanny similarities.
I find myself asking, “how did they do that before X?” and “how do they do that in X?”. I’m an American Suburbanite on a mission to re-learn the common-sense-survival-like-wisdom and pass it on to my kids.

If ya wanna check out my other site: Shattered Idealist, it is about the encounters of starch realities that break up my gung-ho “we can do anythingness”. I’m not naturally flexible. Life is BitterSweet. (+/-).

I am ever evolving.

I’d love to hear your stories & ways you get things done. How about what you think you “cant live without.”? This is gonna be so much fun being silly about our dependence on the unnecessary.

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