Aaron Swartz Reddit Angel

Aaron Swartz Reddit Angel

There are no words to make sense of a tragedy. I keep thinking, how could we have helped more, what could we have dont to prevent this, this sigh? I cant help but feel like Aaron’s death was some twisted act of war by the USA’s hypocrisy on freedom. How could the internet’s hero of freedom be so pushed that he felt trapped, in his own country, where so many reap the benefits of his hard fought battles? I have guilt for taking for granted that this leader would always be there to lead, to bare the burden of making a path for all of us to follow. I got comfortable with the idea that emails and tweets would alert me on how to support freedom. I looked up to Aaron and the work he put his heart into. It feels a bit disorienting not having the comfort of someone stronger, wiser, kinder than youserslf to be there. Aaron was what we all (should) hope to be, the good guy. I cannot even begin to imagine what his family and friends are experiencing. I wish easing the pain were a possibility . I know that they must now trudge through the grief and pray that it might be some day soon that the peace and strength will be with them as they begin to heal. I am so sorry.


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