Repurposing our potatoes

BUYING ORGANIC (NON GMO) potatoes is so worth it, nommy:

On one of our family grocer store trips we bought some pretty cool potatoes from farmers and grocery stores who were selling a variety of potatoes. Purple, yellow, red, all in one mix and they were so good you could just bite them raw! It was the first time in my life that I actually tasted the reason potatoes are “apple of the earth” in french (pommel de tierre or some kind of spelling like that). It was a nice experience for my toddlers, too. They love checking out what food looks and tastes like raw {link to The Raw Food Family}.


History in the kitchen:

I have my kids help, as much as they will last, in the kitchen. I often tell them what little I know about any form of food history with my own little Aesop fable twist to it. Such as the potatoe famine and the importance of monoculture vs food diversity. Or root cellars in Russian Revolutionary history. And then of course, why we have to peel potatoes, once the potatoes turns into a monster with eyes all over it, we gotta avoid eating those parts that would make us sick.


Old potatoes with i’s get some roots:

 So when our sunday picnic gets canceled because of crazy family life, it meant we had some extra potatoes that were growing eyes, and that meant we got to begin growing our own potatoes vines without having to spend ridic amounts of $ at some chemically-full version from kmart or what not to put on our balcony. Plus, with good potatoes that we liked, we already knew we had a good seed to start with. We took my little champagne glasses, put the plastic mesh from a bunch of shallots and garlic over them, tied with an apparatus rubber band and a bread tie, set the little spuds eye side down into the water and let some roots begin. 


Repurposing containers and food, ultimate green frugality:

The kids got to watch the progress right on our kitchen table. We then transplanted them in the flower boxes and finally into a bigger container. The bigger container is actually a drink holder that when the bottom sprung a leak and would drench our floor w melted ice water instead of keeping beverages cool for parities became a shoe bin at the door. When I finally got a vertical shoe organizer, the bin became our next planter. Now thats how repurposing works in our house. NOTHING ever does just ONE JOB, if you have a place in my house you have to serve a few purposes. 


So from potato bag to our mouths it was 3 months. Three months later, we pulled out little potatoes from our flower boxes. The new batch is going in a barrel and we hope to plant potatoes in vertical growing system for next year!

Maybe Ill try these next: toilet paper seedling cups and Starting seeds in egg shells2012-07-20 23.09.07.jpgPhoto on 10-17-12 at 4.15 PM #2.jpgImageImage


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  1. anderzoid says:

    im gonna have to find a resource about hmm, whats right word, danger so f potatoes, some seeds are certified to not be yucky i think its fungus or idk basically sick seeds, potatoes. geez, nowthat i think of it, with eyes, and fungus and poisony stuff, portatoes are kinda tricky

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