Clothesline: hot wheel zip line

My four year old recently has become interested in zip lines and ski lifts. He has always loved pulleys and catapults and unilevers and well anything mechanical.

Which has been interesting bc I know NOTHING about that stuff. I fail to understand the basic laws of physics. I never did well in grammar school science where you’d have to build or utilize even the most basic machines. So we have been re-learning together.

I focus a bit more on the biology. I talk about how the plants grow and why which plants are useful for which project (like using weeping willow branches to make garden fences) as we gather the materials.

Then I beg his dad to help us understand the actual mechanics of it all . Of course, things are way easy with YouTube at our fingertips!

Anyways, I’ve really been enjoying this natural way of learning that I’m blessed to do right alongside my kids as they are home with me helping me take care of our daily routine.

Today we’ve been utilizing the bright sun to make balcony forts & sun “bleach” the white sheets. He quickly began to pretend the string was a cable for his cars.

Do you remember learning and playing at home? I’d love to read listen see some of your memories or blogs, share um! Also wondering if you plan on unschooling or homeschooling your kids?


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Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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