Scrap: Part II

Food is a big deal in my house. It’s a big deal in my head, too. It’s kinda the one thing I need that I can control a bit and other times am completely at the will of nature and big ag.

So, inorder to use as much of what I do have, that’s liked by the kids & being eaten, I try to take scraps from meals to make a new meal. It saves some money . Mostly tho, it makes me feel like I am not wasting something so precious as real organic food.

My little disclaimer: don’t get yourself sick with eating old food. Mkay!

Vegetable scraps – vegetable stock . save up the vegetable peels & greens all in a bowl during day, put them in a pot of water at night while your cooking dinner & simmer. I use it to make soups Or even a type of gravy for potatoes.
(add chicken bones or carcass next day from chicken dinner & make chicken noodle soup or chicken & dumplings).

soured milk- bakery I learned this from a cool girl who came from a large family. Her mom used o have all the kids dump their old milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl (cereal included) into a container & stored it in the fridge. By the weekend, you’ve got enough milk & cereal for some yummy muffins!

Only person in our house who drinks milk and caffeine is our husband & guests. Just soured half & half for coffee is good for biscuits & gravy. The coffee makes a nice liquid for a gravy.
(fair trade coffee that is safe for birds/shade grown is out there, make sure you buy the good stuff).

(We use hemp, coconut, almond & rice milk for our vegan baking. Sometimes I make my own).

note, there is a difference between soured & spoiled milk.

leftover oatmeal- um more leftover oatmeals
I always give the kids their oatmeal in little rankings bc I can never tell how much they’ll eat. I put the leftovers in the fridge & instead of soaking oats over night I’ve got a Pre-made oatmeal for morning. Just put it in a pot w some water add some
More dried fruits like figs & apricots & apples & warm. Then add male syrup, black strap molasses or milk (rice hemp coconut kefir) & top w crushed nuts or seeds. It’s seriously quicker than McDs drive thru.

And if u buy the ingredients from local cool farmers your helping good people, not a corporation.

U can also stuff it all into a pan & make it in the morning w some yummy brown sugar crumble in top.

bruised & squishy veggies to smoothies blend w some juice. Tah dum! I also use the leftover spinach from dinner to make our green smoothies.

bottom of the bag treats
Rice cereal- good for a nut sub in baking.
Chex- duh GF trail mix. That’s also what I do w the end of all the dried fruit & seed bags. I use carob chips & cacao nibs in place of chocolate chips so it stays allergen-freeish. Also buy organic fair trade whenever u can. I believe, Good guide has a nice primer on chocolate.

So many awesome ideas out there on how now to waste a drop in your house. We aren’t quite zero-waste, ok not even close to being zero waste or frugal but baby steps, right?

These are just a few of the little things I do to make the most out of our pantry. Cant wait to hear more ideas!



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Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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2 Responses to Scrap: Part II

  1. joe says:

    Love this artical and so does my wife. It reminds me of a time i asked her ” honey whats for dinner”?, she said corn and my responce was corn and what else she just said corn. I said you have got to make some thing with it she said you dont get it , when i said corn i ment ) clean out refridgerater night . she , like me, does not believe in wasting food and these are some very good ways of not doing just that.

    • anderzoid says:

      Can’t wait to start putting
      “C.O.R.N.” on the meal planner! It’s great that you guys are on the same page with using the food you have to fill your bellies. We have periods of extremes in either direction.

      So the coastal roaster site you put up, only got a min to check it out, but am interested for my in-laws and guests. I’ve been really convicted this year about how our daily luxuries like chocolate and coffee can do some real harm to communities (people & environment) if I am not careful choosing. I love that the coastal roaster has (fair trade & organic) listed. Do you know if it’s shade grown coffee? I am trying to get fair trade, organic, & bird safe coffee. I also saw PeruVian brews!

      I have a special place for Bolivia an Peru in my heart as I had a short visit once & a once very close friend lived in Peru. I love the strong families of Peru & found such open friendships in Bolivia. I must say though, I am more a fan of tea. Mmm, I wih I still had my little tea set from Bolivia.

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