It’s getting hot in here…

… So take off all your clothes.

Except if its summertime, you do want to keep your clothes on. You’ve probably heard the standard

“wear lite clothes and drink plenty of fluids”

about a bazillion times by now this summer. I mean it is hotter than hell out at night. (I like hyperboles).

That’s all fine & dandy for daytime but what the blazes do you do for nightine during the summer when its just as hot & you don’t have to protect yourself from the sun?

I have a couple of go-to’s for nightime without air-conditioning. I have lived through two “abnormally warm” summers & falls being pregnant in a condo. This place is notorious for having frequent (often daily) power outages & brownouts. Thus no AC & no electric fans. We also only have windows on the east side of the house, so there is no cross breeze available.

1- Get it cool, keep it cool.
If its cooler outside – open your windows. DUH. Plus airing out your house is healthy will get rid of air polkutnats. You’ll breathe better.

You can buy stick on sun deflectors for your windows or black out shades. If you are like me, you can also use a flannel sheet & two nails to pin up over the windows. on the inside of your pretty shades so your neighbors dont get mad they have a hillbilly living next door, lol. Or take um down when the sun hits overhead when neighbors are coming home from work.

If its hotter outside try findin other forms of air circulation or make one room the cool down room- like the bedroom.

2- Get wet.
We are known for blowing up the baby pool for a pool party in winter in the kitchen. When its summer wr keep it on our gated balcony so its in the shade for a cool off suring the day.

When night hits the concept remains. We have spray bottles of water for our own misting machine.

Take light cotton night gowns & get them damp w water. Hang them up to dry a bit more as you finish your nightime routine. You dont want them to get your bed wet. We put down a mattress cover or wool blanket under our sheets so we dont ruin the exoensive mattress.

Wear silk PJs. If you dont have silk, have you tried bamboo? Hmmm so silky & breathable. & possibly sexy? πŸ˜‰

Keep water nearby and drink it. Coconut milk/juice is really hydrating. We recently shared our first Young Thai Coconut as a family. It was soo refreshing. The kids loved wackin it open. They make a perfect circle opening & lid so u can stick a straw & umbrella in to enjoy without wasting a glass.

Take a shower or bath. If you are pregnant, a bath will help relieve swelling & high blood pressure. The only place I could fall asleep was the bath some nights (i wouldnt reccomend it wo a life guard!).

When it finally cools down- open up those windows again or get yourself some mosquito netting & camp out on the balcony. Sometime we just put our sleeping bags right up to the screen door. There is nothing better than when the night air finally produces a cool breeze after a hot day.

β€’If you have electricity its way easierβ€’

1- make use of fans & natural air circulation. Keep your ceiling fan going- if you dont have one, id suggest that as your overhead light/fan fixture in each room. Forget HGTV & their ceiling-fan prejudices. It looks good if it looks smart. All you my house is a museum peeps are wasting energy & resources on form over function. Get hip & put that $ you wasted on cool lights on green solutions.

2- freeze everything.

Remember when you’d fall asleep at sleepovers as a kid and you wake up to find out your underwear were in a block of ice in the freezer? Same concept with less pillow fights and no truth or dare.

Freeze your sheets! Freeze your PJs! I have so done this & there was nothing more refreshing than getting into bed (once again w a mattress cover underneath- this time id chokse a rubber one w wool blanket on top the he final layer of frozen sheet) and giggling at how chilly you feel. It may keep you cool enough to fall askeep. Add a fan at the end of bed & a bowl of ice cubed water in front of it & you will have perfected my pregnant momma AC. *Dont be dumb & put the water too close to the fan. Avoid electrocution- that’ll make you fry & thats the opposite of our goal. *

Other randomn things I learned to freeze- socks full of rice. We use it for boo boos. Also for between our knees & thighs while pregnant. Hey- your vagina would hurt too if someone was trying to punch its way out. (like i said, hyperboles). (also medically innacuarate but u get the idea) lol

Freeze your breastmilk for some refreshing treats for the little ones. Also for the big kids- breastmilk has lots of benefits and no matter how old you are they still remain beneficial. Plus- breastmilk is a “clear liquid” so it totally beats driving to the store for pedialyte pops if they get sick.

Anywho, kids are finally cooled off enough to have fallen asleep. Here is hoping there is a cool breeze & some rain coming through so I can ooen the windows & cool it down more. Dont forget to check your neighbors.

Sleep tight hotties. Be cool.

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Life is Bittersweet. God is love, the rest is minor. Ever evolving. Incorporating the ancient & alien into the home environment.
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